For my MFA degree, I am offered an appointment as a graduate assistant at the Innovation Partnership Building at UConn Tech Park. My responsibility in general is to take advantage of visual communication to construct bridges between science and arts. Also help explore and visualize the stories happening in this amazing and scientific building.

I am able to utilize my digital media skills to apply creative concepts to scientific inquiries. My works include poster design, infographics, animations, etc.

Poster Design

In order to give visitors who tour the building a fresh and visual appealing experience, I worked with one of my colledge and redesignedva series of 18 posters highlighting the state-of-the-art electron microscopy equipment at IPB.

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Animated GIFs and Illustrations for LinkedIn Post

Due to the Covid-19, the focus of my work shifted from offline to online. I'm responsible for some of the digital marketing work. I created imaginative animated GIFs and illustrations based on microscopy images and post LinkedIn content updates weekly with the theme of ‘Art Meets Science’.

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Creative Coding

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